More About Us

Atek Beams are the highest quality glulam beams stocked, marketed and supplied by Raudon Teoranta, Fintown, Co. Donegal who have over 20 years experience in the timber industry.

Atek Beams are manufactured by Nordlam in Germany using Scandanavian spruce which has a slow homogeneous tree growth thus avoiding imperfections and knots, that would reduce it’s performance characteristics. Besides the use of precision machinery in their manufacture Atek Beams also utilise another component of no less importance, the careful and irreplaceable work of man. A team of expert craftsmen check each single beam, correcting by hand any surface imperfections thus providing the perfect synergy between human intelligence and modern machinery.

More about Glulam

Glulam is a glued laminated timber beam fabricated by bonding together stress graded planed timber laminations to form a precisely designed engineered unit of the highest quality and dimensional stability.

The stringent grading of the laminations and modern gluing technology makes Atek Beams a highly qualified structural material that is very well suited for buildings, whether housing, industrial, sports or commercial.

The structural characteristics of Atek glulam offers great aesthetic advantages to Architects and Engineers as factory made beams can be formed into any practical shape and desired size.

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