The long journey starts to Ballycastle, Northern Ireland

Atek Glulam Beams loaded and ready for transport to Ballycastle in Northern Ireland.

Through our haulage partners we can deliver a variety of non standard length Glulam Beams on over-sized trailers specially equipped for transportation of long length uniquely shaped beams.

The beams for this project were not only 20m in length but had been designed with a double curve to imitate wave movements in the Ballycastle marina.

Atek Beams 004

Oversized trailer

Finished building with 18m beams installed. We have also included some pics from inside showing the double curves.

On this project the Glulam just sat into the block-work and were secured with steel angle brackets

DSC02912 DSC02887


The tips of the beams protrude to the external of the building at the eaves. The Insulated roof panel is connected directly to the top of the Glulam.