Environmental Statement

It is our objective to increase the use of glulam within the construction industry because it is an excellent Eco-friendly product, has natural insulating properties, and helps to reduce building heating and cooling expenses. Energy Efficiency with
Cost Effectiveness

In our responsibility to minimise the negative impact on the environment our
Glulam is produced from raw material sourced only from Certified Managed
Forests. Felled trees are replaced by new saplings that supply oxygen to the
atmosphere cleaning the air and water.

A Natural Renewable Resource.
In it’s manufacture process more than 70% of a log is utilised and converted
into the timber laminations used to create a structural Glulam beam compared
to approx 50% of the log being used in conventional methods. Maximise raw

Minimise environmental impact.
It is also our objective to encourage Architects and Engineers incorporate
Glulam in their project design, to reduce the added expense of covering
structural framework and provide the warmth of wood for living or working
environments. Stable and Beautiful installations.

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